Worker's Comp

Workers' Compensation Prescription Services at SIPC

Are you a Workers Compensation Patient or Prescriber?


Columbia Heights Pharmacy, Neighborhood Pharmacy and Capitol Hill Pharmacy provides specialized workers' compensation prescription services tailored to injured employees and employers. Our streamlined process ensures prompt access to medications with minimal administrative hassle.

Key Features:

Fast Processing:

Timely fulfillment of workers' compensation prescriptions.


Knowledgeable team versed in workers' compensation regulations.

Personalized Solutions:

Customized support for each case's unique needs.

Convenient Options:

Various prescription fulfillment methods available.

Comprehensive Care:

Ensuring medication safety and efficacy.

Why Choose SIPC Pharmacies?

Exceptional Service: Friendly, knowledgeable staff dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Trusted Partner: Reputation for reliability and quality care.

Effortless Transition: Seamless switch with minimal disruption.

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What Patients Need to Know

  • Fast and Easy, NO Copay
  • Drug Interaction Check
  • Same Day Fill
  • We Deliver to You
  • Refill Text Reminders
  • Fast and Easy Medication Transfers

Become our patient today and experience seamless medication management!

Here’s How You Can Get SIPC to Fill Your Prescriptions

What Prescribers Need to Know

Send Your Prescriptions via EHR to Our Locations:

  • Columbia Heights Pharmacy
  • Phone: 202-232-1455
  • Fax: 202-232-1453
  • Neighborhood Pharmacy
  • Phone: 202-889-1119
  • Fax: 202-889-1560


  • Comprehensive Drug Interaction Checks
  • Efficient Prescription Processing
  • Free Delivery Service
  • Patient Consultation on Medications

Partner with us to ensure your patients receive top-notch care and fast, reliable service!